Halloween Costume Contact Lenses: Here's 6 Important Warnings From FDA

Your eyes aren't your only thing.|Contact lenses to wear for Halloween 6 cautions from FDA.xxx} Normally, you don't rest upon your eyeballs or scratch your eyes as you inquire, "want some of this?"

This is also true for Halloween costumes and contacts lenses. However, it's different from Halloween costume pants. While wearing the wrong pants may make it difficult to twerk or could crack into a few issues, as to say, it won't impair your eye sight. However, using the wrong contact lenses could put your oh-so-valuable eyeballs at risk. The lenses could cause allergy reactions, infection eyes, damage to the eyeball, eyesight problems and even blindness. The experience was not the best Halloween. However, not many would agree with the statement. Oh, except for the blindness incident that occurred." Furthermore, if you lose your eyeball, it's not possible to ask a talking racoon to give the eyeball a replacement like Rocket has done for Thor in the film Avengers: Rocket Gives Thor an Eyeball.

It's the reason the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offers a separate site for "Decorative Contact Lenses to Celebrate Halloween and More" but not the same one that is for pants. The guide applies to all lenses that could alter the look of your eyes. This includes those designed for cats, vampires, or other January 6 insurrectionists. Contact lenses are described as a variety of things, such as color cosmetic, fashion or spectacle contact lenses. The lenses do not have to be tied to Halloween, although showing up to your job interview or meeting with monster eyes might not be an ideal idea.

Lauren A. LittleOctober 13, 2005Halloween Contact LensesBrenda L. Shade Dr. Bert's office assistant, displays a pair CibaVision ''cat eye'' contact lenses.
It's probably not an ideal look for a job interview. Photo taken by MediaNews Group/Reading Elk on behalf of Getty... (+[MEDIANEWS GROUP VIA GETTY IMAGES
Certain lenses can be decorative and cosmetic, while others can correct vision. Regardless, you should still treat such lenses as you would corrective contact lenses. Just because something seems completely for fashion doesn't mean that it won't have medical implications. On their web page, the FDA gives the following "do's and don'ts" on these decorative contact lenses:

Take a look at your eyes Check your contact lenses! They are distinct. Incorrect alignment of the lens with the front end of your eyeball can lead to damage to the cornea or , even more seriously. In the case of a pocket of air between your butt and pants could just be a snort. Air pockets between the top of your contact lens and the front of your eye can result in serious damages. The air pocket can make the lens appear like a plunger and your eyeball seem more like a toilet. The same thing could trigger some suction to happen. It can also cause an eyeball to be suctioned. This is one reason why kissing your eyeball is not romantic. Before considering any sort contact lens, consult someone who is properly trained, licensed skilled and skilled medical professional like an ophthalmologist or optometrist. They may even suggest against wearing contact lens for those who suffer from allergies, or any other condition which could cause issues.
Take a prescription in case you intend to wear contact lenses. The prescription needs to say more than "contact lenses for eye", "contact lenses make it happen" and "make the person look appear like Mystique". It should be accompanied by detailed directions, for example, which brand to use measurement, expiration date, etc. Since your eyes may change with time, the prescription has to be kept current. In fact, having an outdated prescription could look like a person who shows up in shoes with fur, only worse.
Read the directions on how to maintain contact lenses.
"Do seek medical attention right promptly and eliminate contact lenses if eyes have a red appearance, persistent pain or discharge!" No one should say, "you have wonderful eyes but they are all red and have discharge." All eye-related indications should warrant further investigations. You can't just "walk off" to "blink off" the signs of an eye infection. Signs of an infection include visual changes or redness, swelling discomfort, discharge, pus and your eyeball breaking out of your skull.
"Don't share your contact lenses with anyone else!" Bruh. You wouldn't share your contact lenses with anyone else. This is like asking "dude is it over with the condom?" or "hey, could I get a look at your tooth?"
"Don't purchase any contact lens without prescription!" The FDA warns that you must "never get contact lenses through an unlicensed vendor, cosmetics store or flea market, or a novelty store or Halloween store." As a rule, the terms "flea" and "your eyeball" should be as away as they can be. Buy your contact lenses only from a reputable supplier who is in compliance with FDA regulations. Review the list for FDA-cleared or approved contact lenses prior to purchasing any. You shouldn't only be looking to cut costs. Although the doctor's prescription may be valid, it does not mean that the supplier or store will follow the directions. You can think of the number of times you've placed an order for underwear, only to receive crowns get more info made from broccoli. Check to ensure that the lenses are in line with the prescription.

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